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This is Tom.

Tom started his journey at 17 years old.  For more than a decade, he has been developing methods that produced the highest quality product available.



The Facts:
Full spectrum whole plant extract has been found to be more efficacious at fighting pain and inflammation than just CBD alone.  The effects of a complete cannabinoid oil results in a longer lasting, more therapeutic treatment.  It is important to note that THC and CBD are just 2 of over 80 known cannabinoids.

  • When combined, CBD and THC help with ADD/ADHD and stress, while THC alone often causes anxiety.
  • CBD and THC help diminish cramps and migraines.
  • Those suffering from OCD have had greater benefits with CBG, CBD & THC combined, compared to only CBD.
  • Appetite loss is improved with THC when combined with CBD.
  • CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, & THC - All five, together, help combat depression.
  • CBD, CBN, THC, & CBG have all been know to aid sleep.
  • THC, CBD & CBN have anticonvulsant properties.

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