Colorado here we come!

CBD Farming in CO

Hitz Cannabis is currently in the works of expanding into Colorado. We currently have 4 acres ready for planting of industrial hemp with the primary focus being CBD extraction. We are planning to hit the market with products that are Legal in all 50 states by 2020.

More coming soon...

Rainier Organics  |  Hitz Cannabis

Hitz Cannabis is a Tier 3 producer/processor that focuses on sustainable growing and complete cannabinoid profile products. We source our dirt from a local worm casting farm, and make our own nutrients from compost and fruit trees on-site.

It is important to note that THC is just one of over 80 known cannabinoids.  Specific ratios of them can create a more desirable, therapeutic effect​.

Hitz Cannabis Music Promotion

Spuddy Gunther is available on all streaming outlets

Hitz Cannabis is involved in promotion of local rap, R&B, and hip-hop groups.  On every Hitz pouch, you can find a local artist being featured.  To get your group featured, use the 'Contact Us' form below.

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