Hitz Cannabis is a Tier 3 producer/processor that focuses on sustainable growing and complete cannabinoid profile products.

We source our dirt from a local worm casting farm and make our own nutrients from compost and fruit trees on site. 


Our product is 100% organic, sun-grown flower.

The products shown below are NOT for sale through this website.  Find us at your local WA dispensary!




With unmatched purity and sheer versatility, distillate oils provide a clean and potent product with limitless application potential. Our Alcohol cannabis oil is re-distilled to remove final terpenes, solvents, and chlorophyll to create one of the most versatile products on the market. We make distillate for many other farms. We are a strong advocate of NO NEAM oil, mostly because it shows up in the distillate. 



Our RSO is fully activated, extracted with food grade ethanol, and triple-filtered for taste and clarity. We focus on extracting cannabinoids instead of fats and chlorophyll like your traditional RSO. Our oil will deliver an entourage of cannabinoids for the consumer with different variations of Indica, Sativa, and CBD to choose from.



Our “dry-sift” old school hash is one of the safest, and most natural concentrates on the market. These heated and pressed trichomes are made without dry ice or solvents of any kind. Strain specific hash is a tried-and-true way to enjoy a more potent form of your favorite strain.



Our pre-rolls are one gram, full-flower cones that are ground, sifted, packed, and burn nicely. We only use raw organic hemp cones and sun-grown flower for our joints.

Check out the list below to find a store near you


Hitz Locations

365 Recreational

25 Trees

112th St. Cannabis

Always Greener Downtown

Arky Vandelay LLC

Bayshore Cannabis Company


Bud Hut


Cannabis 21

Cascade Kropz

Clear Choice Tacoma

Chimacum Cannabis


Evergreen Meadows

Green Collar Cannabis Tacoma

Greenside Rec Aurora

Greenside Rec Des Moines

Greenway Marijuana Port Orchard

Have a Heart Belltown

Have a Heart Bothell

Have a Heart Greenwood

Have a Heart Lake Forest

Have a Heart Ocean Shores

Herbn Elements Seattle

Issaquah Cannabis Company

King Chronic Yelm

Legal Marijuana Superstore

Lucid Auburn

Lucid Lacey

Lucid Olympia

Lucid Puyallup

Lucid Spokane

Mary Mart Tacoma

Main Street Marijuana East

Main Street Marijuana Downtown

Main Street Marijuna Longview

Mr. Doobees

Main Street Longview

Nature's Recreational Center

NiMBiN Pot Shop 

Purple Haze Everett

Star International

Tacoma House of Cannabis

The Bakeree Georgetown

The Bakeree Aurora

The Kushery Everett

The Grass is Always Redmond

TJ's Cannabis Buds, Oils, and More

Shelton Cannabis Company

Urban Bud

West Seattle Marijuana Store

Zip 38th

Zip 72nd


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